It's that vision you play over and over in your mind, that opening through the pack, that glimmer of victory you've been racing towards...

It's seeing daylight and it's the Daylight ARC c1—designed, engineered and hand-built on the California Gold Coast with one vision in mind—to be the best riding BMX race frame under the sun. Piloted to World Cup and multiple National Series wins right out of the gate by Olympian and BMX World Champion #1, Corben Sharrah, Daylight was built for the most important race in the world... yours.

The Daylight Spectrum

Introducing the Daylight Spectrum, five classic American styled collections—born to fly and designed to stand out in the sky. 


With some 50 ceramic coated and polished color ways between them, there's sure to be a    Daylight ARC c1 in the spectrum that will light up your eyes and your racing.