The Daylight Spectrum

Anywhere in the BMX world - hold up a prism to us BMX racers and what will you see? Not just individual competitors, but true individuals who alone put it on the line every time they race. But like different colors of the spectrum, our individualism makes us part of the same BXM family. At Daylight, we applaud this unique spirit and that's why, for special order during each limited run, we offer colors as varied as the individuals we race. Only our colors aren't derived from the wet paint or powder-coat you'll find on most bike frames.

Because we were determined to build the Arc c1 to have all the superior riding characteristics of aluminum while still being as stiff and light as carbon, we selected a ceramic coating that is both significantly lighter and abrasion resistant than traditional finishes. An added benefit - ceramic's low surface tension allows precise adjustment of the Arc c1's sliding vertical drop-outs. Finally, we've incorporated the Arc c1's graphics into the ceramic coating as well. That's right - no decals or stickers. We can even add your name or signature on the top tube making the Daylight Arc c1 truly as individual as you. Here are our original five, classic series to consider although because it’s a Daylight, your choices continue to evolve. Don’t see what you’re dreaming of? Tell us your dreams!

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ArcWhite Series

For racers who love to fly, nothing captures that wide-open freedom you thrill to every time you hit a jump more than our ArcWhite Series. Clad in our semi-matte Cloud White, the ArcWhite may look innocent enough but don't be fooled - it can unleash a deluge when least expected. And because white goes freely with any color, any accent color also flies. So take off on an Arc c1, and fly white!

Cloud White + Eclipse Blue

Cloud White + Daylight Blue

Cloud White + Moon Pink

Cloud White + Violet Dawn

Cloud White + Sky Red

Cloud White + Solar Orange

Cloud White + Satellite Gold

Cloud White + Sun Yellow

Cloud White + Halo Green

Cloud White + Storm Gray

ArcBrite Series

For that racer who loves to stand out - for that guy who braves pink or that girl who pops in purple, or your kid that just loves Daylight Blue - for racers that like it bold and bright, there's our ArcBrite Series. Pick from our full spectrum of semi-matte colors, and we keep it simple and clean with crisp Cloud White or Storm Gray Graphics for a ride that promises to brighten your style and your smile.

Eclipse Blue + Cloud White

Daylight Blue + Cloud White

Moon Pink + Cloud White

Violet Dawn + Cloud White

Sky Red + Cloud White

Solar Orange + Cloud White

Satellite Gold + Cloud White

Sun Yellow + Storm Gray

Halo Green + Cloud White

ArcStorm Series

For the rider who lets their racing do the talking, the ArcStorm's sophisticated semi-matte gray is as close to black as we go. With just enough glimmer and color to hint at the spirit within its welds, the ArcStorm means business for racers who are all business. Because anyone can throw on some black and act tough, and for us it's the ArcStorm's suit of gray that says power without saying a thing.

Storm Gray + Eclipse Blue

Storm Gray + Daylight Blue

Storm Gray + Moon Pink

Storm Gray + Violet Dawn

Storm Gray + Sky Red

Storm Gray + Solar Orange

Storm Gray + Satellite Gold

Storm Gray + Sun Yellow

Storm Gray + Halo Green

Storm Gray + Cloud White

ArcBlack Series

For that racer who prefers the cover of night before flashing across the finish line, this is our new ArcBlack series—our semi-matte Blacklight ceramic coating that's black on our terms. Because while it's always darkest before the dawn, when the Daylight does comes - it comes in a rush of light and color that will have you standing in powerful contrast to all the black plastic and pretenders crowding the start hill.

Blacklight + Eclipse Blue

Blacklight + Daylight Blue

Blacklight + Moon Pink

Blacklight + Violet Dawn

Blacklight + Sky Red

Blacklight + Satellite Gold

Blacklight + Sun Yellow

Blacklight + Halo Green

Blacklight + Cloud White

Blacklight + Storm Gray


For racers who refuse to be defined by any one color, we offer our high-polished series - frames buffed to such a mirror shine that they reflect whatever type of rider you want to be that day. And still, the ArcShine gets a clear ceramic treatment - to protect that shine and your choice of colored metallic graphics - guaranteeing your riding, like the ArcShine, will be the most brilliant on the track.

arcshine homepage1.jpg

Silver Mercury + Eclipse Blue

Silver Mercury + Daylight Blue

Silver Mercury + Moon Pink

Silver Mercury + Violet Dawn

Silver Mercury + Sky Red

Silver Mercury + Solar Orange

Silver Mercury + Satellite Gold

Silver Mercury + Sun Yellow

Silver Mercury + Halo Green

Silver Mercury + Storm Gray


For the rider or collector who sees in this frame more than just its advanced technology, but form and function combined into a wondrous "BMX Flying Machine", we offer this eye-catching replica of Corben Sharrah's prototype Daylight ARC c1 - just like the frame he raced in its inaugural season, from the Olympic Games to the top of the UCI SX World Cup podium.  With over 5,000 engine-turned geometric patterns - called guilloches - intricately inscribed into the frame, the ArcTurnd will stop the competition in their tracks before the race has even started.