Stormy Weather Ahead!

It was the first ceramic base coat/color we ever introduced—Storm Gray—and ever since the ArcStorm series has stormed across the BMX world! Available in a whirlwind of custom color combos. Talk about major climate change!  #seeingdaylight #arcc1 #arcstorm #bmxflyingmachine #fastestbikeintheworld



Daylight Pony and Pony 24


Looking to make that jump to a pro wheel set? The Daylight Pony and Pony 24 are the perfect size between an Expert XL and a Pro. Giddy up and go! #seeingdaylight #seeyouselfwinning #arcc1 #bmxflyingmachine #fastestbikeintheworld


ArcBlack Custom Build!

Hand built, custom ceramic coated and polished/ceramic tinted frames. EVERY ONE OF THEM. This ArcBlack is a combination of Blacklight + our all new GOLD COAST BLUE — down to the DXR logos on the cranks and alloy custom painted nipples.

daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.1.jpg
daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.2.jpg
daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.3.jpg
daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.4.jpg
daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.5.jpg
daylight_blacklight_gold coast blue.6.jpg

Getting to Know Our Daylight Team

The Daylight ARC c1 has become a huge success for us. As we continue to hand craft each frame for our special customers, Daylight Cycle Co. family owes a lot of thanks and gratitude to our hard working Daylight Factory and Co-Factory Teams and their families.

Each rider is hand selected. It's not easy being a factory rider for Daylight. There are high expectations that go beyond what happens on the track and at the pit area. How they conduct themselves outside the race is equally important for the Daylight brand image. More importantly, riders have a responsibility to each Daylight sponsor. In the branding world, we would call each rider a Daylight Cycle Brand Evangelist. (That's another topic for later...) 

To help them succeed in their Daylight career, our branding agency NeedThree will be building dedicated bio pages for each Factory Rider on the Daylight Cycle website. You can look at a general bio, BMX lifestyle photos, and videos. Here are just a few rider links to get you acquainted. More to come soon...Let's see daylight!

#seeingdayling #arcc1 #seeyourselfwinning #bmxlife

Daylight Seat Post with each ARC c1!

Included with every Daylight ARC c1  Our 30.9mm pivotal alloy seat post, oversized for a thinner walled/lighter design, and laser etched with Daylight logo. Part of a component package that includes a premium headset, integrated bottom bracket bearings, quick release seat clamp, and all titanium drop out hardware. #seeingdaylight #arcc1


ARC c1-D Storm Gray + Solar Orange

Solar charge your racing on this Daylight ARC c1-D, disc only set up in Storm Gray + Solar Orange - one of the ArcStorm Series, replete with all production titanium drop-out bolts, integrated BB bearings (ceramic upgraded), 7075 CNC QR Seat Clamp ceramic coated to match, and a peak at our included headset's carbon top. #seeingdayling #arcc1 #arcstorm #daylightdisc.

storm gray + solar orange profile1
storm gray + solar orange headbadge2.jpg
storm gray + solar orange rear1.jpg
storm gray + solar orange brake mount.jpg
arcc1 storm gray + solar orange BB
storm gray + solar orange headbadge1
storm gray + solar orange seat clamp
storm gray + solar orange downtube1.jpg
storm gray + solar orange headbadge3.jpg

Daylight 2017 Price List is here!!!

Daylight 2017 Price List is here!!!

The 2017 Daylight Cycles Price List will be released and the Official Pre-Sale of the 2017 Daylight ARC c1 will commence this Thursday, 11/24, Thanksgiving and Practice Day the Grands! Stop by the Daylight Village at the Grands to see all of the colors and options, and to get on the list. But don't worry if you aren't here in Tulsa - those who have previously placed reservations will be contacted within the next 10 days to deposit their frame and keep their spot in line! #seeingdaylight #seeyourselfwinning #arcc1