Considering our proclivity for all things in cool colors, we didn’t have to think too long or too hard to come up with the perfect birthday gift for Corben Sharrah and wife Nicole’s recent happy addition and first born kiddo, some ultra-premium stainless baby bottles, custom ceramic coated of course with the Daylight logo and baby’s name—Graysen! The hard part, like it is for all of our Daylight customers, is picking which color! But finally after almost two months of “How about this!?” and “How about that!?”, we settled on an early classic — one of the most popular frame colors so far produced — SKY RED + CLOUD WHITE. Looks “refreshing”, right? Which left the second bottle which we wanted in one of our new ArcPrism chameleon colors to really dazzle baby—eventually going with MAKO, a green and blue shifting ceramic metallic, accented with our SATELLITE GOLD. Because if your dad rides for Daylight, you got to have only the best! Congrats again, Corben, Nicole and Graysen! Welcome to the Daylife!