The first day you heard about BMX racing... maybe a friend at school told you about the local track. Or maybe your kid told you about something you used to do and love. 

The first day you went to the track... maybe you remember feeling anxious but excited. Maybe you remember how hard it was to go fast, even though going fast was all you wanted. And there were all those other firsts... 

The first day you raced.
The first day your beat somebody. 
The first day you won.

But for all these firsts, the most important first was the day you committed, really committed to the sport. Because even though you raced, BMX was just something you did for fun... until now.

Now, BMX racing is your life. And while you may have a way to go to be your best, or even one of the best, you're putting in the work and you're seeing daylight. 

This is day one. And this is the Day/One Speed Crew, our ride community for serious racers like you who are looking for a company of partners to help you fulfill your quest.

Open to riders of all skill levels, new to the sport or just newly committed, Day/One membership gets you a 10% savings on your new Daylight Arc c1, plus a custom "D1 Speed Crew" jersey along with a pair of the finest race pants made from Faith Race for a great price of $250. Day/One members also get 10% off POC Helmets and Vittoria Shoes.

Is this the day you want to take that next step in your racing career and become part of the Daylight Cycle Co. family? To join simply check the Day/One box here when you reserve your new Daylight ARC c1!