Daylight Factory Rider

Kyle Hewig



Age 13 Expert 


Newbury Park, California

Home Track 

Freedom Park BMX β€œThe Raddest Little Track in BMX”

My Achievements

Nag 14
Five podium finishes
First Place, Day 1 of Steel City National

What I like about being on the Daylight Cycles Factory Team.  

Richard, Andrea, Jason, and Tommy are the BEST! They took a chance on me in 2015 when they asked me to join the team. At that time, I only had one National under my belt. They have guided me and provided me with opportunities to improve my skill. I am honored and proud to ride the BEST bike in BMX!

My hobbies and interests.  

Mountain Biking
Moonlight with Downhill Racing (3 podium finishes)