Daylight Factory Rider

Levi Huvard



Age 11 Expert, 11 Cruiser 


Camarillo, California

Home Track 

Freedom Park BMX
Coach: Cristian Becerine

My Achievements

Racing for 7 years
NAG 20 Class 2017
More than 20 National Wins
District 1 (2 times)
Current State #1 (Southern California Cruiser)
NAG 6 cruiser 2013
NAG 14 class 2013
NAT 36 cruiser 2013

What I like about being on the Daylight Cycles Factory Team.  

Being on Daylight Rocks!!!!  The Coolest People,  Nicest Pits, and Best Bikes!It's that we are one giant family, everybody cheers each other on is nice to everyone. The pit is awesome and the riders on it are awesome. Most of all I like going to the track and hanging out with the Daylight family.

My hobbies and interests.  

I love to play drums and piano. I'm starting a band with my friend and I will be the drummer.  I like to ski, mountain bike and I like to write stories.