Arc c1 Tech & Specs

Arc c1 Tech Features

Premium ARC c1 Included Race Parts & Features

  • Integrated Headset with Carbon Top Cap and Ti-Nitride Coated Bearing Cases
  • Premium Bottom Bracket Bearings with Custom Dust Caps
  • Ceramic Coated 7075 CNC Machined QR Seat Clamp
  • Ceramic Coated Alloy Pivotal Seat Post
  • Copper Forged/Antique Silver Head Badge
  • Titanium Drop Out Bolts for Sliding Vertical Drop-Outs
  • Titanium Tensioner Bolts for Sliding Vertical Drop-Outs
  • Internal Top Tube Routing for Standard Brake Cable/Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose
  • Internal Seat Stay Routing for Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose on Disc Only Frames

Proprietary Hydro-formed & Tapered 6061-T6  Tube Set

Custom formed for Daylight, our ARC c1 tube set has been crafted into one of the most striking, sleekest silhouettes to have ever graced a race track. Everything about the design is right, at once classic and cutting edge - with a geometry and lower center of gravity that is in perfect alignment with today's advanced rider skills and more technical tracks. But it's not simply a matter of the tubes you see. With a Daylight, good bike design is equally about what you don't see - the negative space formed between tube shapes as well as the frame lines itself.  

Still, as much as we're concerned about form, the ARC c1 tube set has also been designed for function - winning function - as the oversized tube ends also provide a larger welding area. Likewise, what's on the inside of the tubes is as important as what's on the outside as all of our main tubes - top, down and seat - are internally butted. Thicker-walls at the weld points taper to progressively thinner walls in the center, making the Arc c1 incredibly strong, stiff - with a tremendous ACCELERATION response - and lightweight.  

At Daylight, our goal for Corben Sharrah's frame was a design that had the strength and lightweight benefits of carbon, but with aluminum's livelier and smoother ride characteristics.  The ARC c1, Corben commented, "...exceeded my every expectation".

Hand Built on the California Gold Coast

We don't say this for flag-waving benefits. We say it because a hand built frame is special and the fact that we build it here gives us the type of oversight and quality control that can only happen when we are with each frame from fabrication through finish to delivery. Starting with a premium tube set is critical to building a premium race frame. But it's how the tubes are put together that ultimately makes the difference between an average frame and an exceptional frame. Mass produced frames are almost always machine coped, resulting in wider gaps where one tube joins another. That gap must then be filled by the weld. Not great and often the point of future problems. The hand built ARC c1, however, is coped by hand, leaving little to no gap between tubes, and followed with beautiful uninterrupted welds - each frame an individual work of art, built with absolute INTEGRITY.

Tapered Head Tube & BB90 Bottom Bracket Shell

The ARC c1's  tapered head tube and BB90 bottom bracket shell are both precision machined from solid aluminum billet, and offer a number of critical benefits.

Our tapered head tube has the obvious ability to accommodate a fork with a tapered steer tube - 1.5" - at the crown - for additional strength and rigidity. The tapered head tube and compatible head set also utilize a large bottom bearing,  enhancing smoothness and performance even when matched with a conventional 1 1/8" fork and steerer. The head tube's large, telescopic shape also provides a greater weld area for the conjunction of the top and down tubes, further increasing front-end strength and steering CONTROL.

When it came to the bottom bracket shell, we considered all but quickly landed on the BB90 configuration.  It's proven itself downhill run after run and we've experienced the same benefits on the BMX and SX track. A wider and bigger diameter BB shell with integrated bearings means again a lot more aluminum at the conjunction of the down tube, seat tube and chain stays - the structural core of the frame that must stand up to the greatest forces and deliver rock solid STABILITY.

To make your build easy, our ARC c1 even comes equipped with our Daylight Carbon Integrated Headset, including bottom races for both 1.5" and 1 1/8" steer tubes for Expert XL/Expert 24 and larger frames, and both 1" and 1 1/8" for Expert/Junior 24 and smaller frames. All ARC c1's also come with high-quality sealed bottom bracket bearings already pressed into our BB90 BB shell. Ceramic BB bearings are available as an upgrade.

Precision Sliding Vertical Drop-Outs w/ Integrated Tension Control (and Optional Disc Brake Mount)

(content to come)


Arc c1 Sizes & Geometry Specs

AHead Tube Diameter  B. Head Tube Length  C. Head Angle  D. Rider Area  E. BB Height  F. Chain Stay to Middle  G. Seat Angle  H. Seat Tube Length  I. Seat Tube Diameter  J. Top Tube Length  K. Reach  L. Rim Diameter  M. Weight

A. 1"-1 1/8"  B. 90mm  C. 72°  D. 458mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 317mm (12.5")  G. 70°  H. 185mm  I. 22.2mm  J. 444mm (17.5")  K. 339mm  L. 451mm  M. TBD

A. 1"-1 1/8"  B. 105mm  C. 72°  D. 480mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 317mm (12.5")  G. 70°  H. 200mm  I. 22.2mm  J. 469mm (18.5")  K. 362mm  L. 451mm  M. TBD

A. 1"-1 1/8"  B. 105mm  C. 73°  D. 506mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 361mm (14.25")   G. 71°  H. 220mm  I. 22.2mm  J. 495mm (19.5")  K. 394mm  L. 451mm  M. TBD

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 73°  D. 522mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 361mm (14.25")   G. 71°  H. 237mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 514mm (20.25")  K. 412mm  L. 451mm  M. 3.4 lbs

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 74°  D. 530mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 368mm (14.50")  G. 72°  H. 237mm   I. 30.9mm  J. 520mm (20.50")  K. 521mm  L. 406mm  M. 3.4 lbs

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 74°  D. 536mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 381mm (15")  G. 72°  H. 237mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 527mm (20.75")  K. 428mm  L. 406mm  M. 3.5 lbs

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"   B. 110mm  C. 74°  D. 547mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 381mm (15")  G. 72°  H. 237mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 539mm (21.25")  K. 442mm  L. 406mm  M. 3.5 lbs

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 74°  D. 559mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 381mm (15")  G. 72°  H. 237mm  I. 30.9  J. 552mm (21.75")  K. 455mm  L. 406mm  M. 3.6 lbs

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 74°  D. 577mm  E. 273mm (10.75")  F. 406mm (16")  G. 72°  H. 237mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 571mm (22.5")  K. 476mm  L. 406mm  M. 3.7 lbs

A. 1"-1 1/8"  B. 110mm  C. 72°  D. 503mm  E299mm (11.8")  F. 368mm (14.50")  G. 70°  H. 230mm  I. 22.2mm  J. 482mm (19")  K. 342mm  L. 520mm  M. TBD

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 72°  D. 523mm  E. 299mm (11.8")  F. 374mm (14.75")  G. 70°  H. 230mm I. 30.9mm  J. 508mm (20")   K. 380mm  L. 520mm  M. TBD

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 73°  D. 544mm  E. 304mm (12")  F. 393mm (15.50")  G. 70°  H. 230mm I. 30.9mm  J. 533mm (21")  K. 407mm  L. 507mm  M. TBD

PRO 24
A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 73°  D. 558mm  E. 304mm (12")  F. 393mm (15.50")  G. 70°  H. 230mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 546mm (21.50")  K. 415mm  L. 507mm  M. TBD

A. 1 1/8"-1.5"  B. 110mm  C. 73°  D. 568mm  E. 304mm (12")  F. 406mm (16")  G. 70°  H. 230mm  I. 30.9mm  J. 558mm (22")  K. 435mm  L. 507mm  M. TBD